What Is FLAWED Fitness??

Hey guys, welcome to FLAWED fitness. First off, I want thank you for giving us a look and checking out our first of many blog posts. In these posts we'll go over any given topic related to fitness and the overall lifestyle...Because it certainly is a lifestyle.

So why "FLAWED," right? I mean, I'm working my butt off to be flawLESS! Here's why, It's is an acronym that stands for everything people use as an excuse to NOT make their health and well being a priority. We all hear countless stories of "family takes up huge amounts of time," or "stress of bills and everything else Life has thrown at me just doesn't have me motivated." How about my personal favorite; "I'm just drained after my 40 hour work week." HA...None of these are legitimate reasons...They are 100% pure excuses. 

So, end rant. Moving on.

Stay following up with us and you'll see how EASY it really is to work into your daily routine, like brushing your teeth, for example.

We all lead extremely busy lives and getting the chance to sit and read an article for 25-30 minutes is NOT always easy to squeeze in. Therefore, they ideally will be fairly short winded, with bits of information, tips and guidance we can all use in our daily lives. Our goal is to help encompass individuals with information and know how to incorporate sustainable fitness ideals into their daily lives. To make the necessary transition from a "not so healthy" life, to a completely subconscious movement into their future health decisions.

We are currently working on a training program being put in to place to for subscribers to gain exclusive access to our "Accelerated Results" training guide. Throughout this time we will also be adding various products to our apparel line. You should be proud of your success and results and we hope that you will support and wear FLAWED apparel just as proudly. Sign up today to stay tuned in and up to date, because great things are on the way!